France decides, with knots in the tummy

Presidential elections are tight this year 2017

France decides today: 11 candidates, for a real crisscross of choices. I hope the optimism for change I felt this bright morning continues tonight, after 8pm when the result is expected. A high turn-out seems certain, which means it will go to the wire, and may spring a surprise or two. 

Right now, people feel nervous, knots in the tummy, like before an important exam; it's never been this close and this divisive. I just hope honesty prevails and that those contemptible candidates that divide good people or dishonestly help themselves and their families to huge sums of public money, and dare suppose they are above the law, are taught a democratic lesson. 
France is an important country in so many ways and for so many people, within and beyond its borders, and its president must be able to look at everyone in the eye with integrity. We live in hope and it's time for a new force to take on the challenge. As a part-time Picardian myself, I hope the young man from Amiens makes it through. En marche !
© Rory Clarke, 15h56, 23 April 20017

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