France Irlande at the Stade

No art, no improvisation

If I can guess them, Ireland had most of the possession and territory, particularly in 2nd half. If so, then it makes Ireland's performance worse than I imagined. Holes in the defence, French counter-attacking, and a woeful lack of improvisation in attack. Once Horgan was running, he came into the line, the pitch opened up in front of him, but he was determined to pass out anyway, because that is what they had practised. So he passed the ball, it was knocked on, end of move. I was behind the play, and he could or might have made it closer to the line, if not got over...or a chip ahead...something different...

I was there, managed to get a ticket from a friend at Reuters on Saturday morning! I sat too far back, it was cold and grey, we lost, France ran nicely from time to time, but yet, did not excite me, as both teams were error prone. Michalak was average, sometimes poor. Ireland left too many basic gaps in defence, kicked away possession for no reason, lacked improvisation. All in all, a bit of a bore.

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